Thank God You’re A Man

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Received an interesting ad mail from a colleague this morning. There’re 3 of them, all in flow chart form. These ads are cleverly differentiating man and woman through responses towards a simple question:

“Let’s go for a drink!”

What would you think? 

1. Simply to have a glass beer or what to dress?


2. Or what happen after the drink and how’s the toilet bowl condition at the restaurant?


3. This is a more complicated version. *giggles*


Hahaha……I’m more convinced that I’m a woman now.

I should thank God too for giving me a much more delicate brain than man.

Why does God give man a simple brain? Answer: God knows man doesn’t need it as he  think only with his down under. Arghhhhh….don’t kill me, man!

The Reading Room

•27 November 2008 • 2 Comments


readingroommovie-14Watched The Reading Room last night, really touched and inspired.

It’s a movie about a widower, Jones, starred by William Campbell opens a reading room following the wish of his dying wife. Though he is doing good for his neighbourhood, people doubt his intention. The Reading Room was broken in, fired and the mercedez of Campbell was robbed.

Why did he sell his property to open a reading room equipped with all the free books? Why does he give away free sodas to attract visitors? Why doesn’t he mind to buy free magazines and install free video games to fulfill the request of the kids?

This is the portray of today’s society, even you try to be good, offer a helping hand, people don’t accept simply. They are paranoid about your goodwill. That’s what happened to the people around us. What’s the intention behind your act? Money? Power?

If money and power are the only elements of life, don’t you think the picture of life is so boring, meaningless, fade, freezing and ugly?

Back to the movie, folks around the neighbourhood are mostly Hispanic and Asian. Many kids can’t read proper English. Some suffer from reading disorder. As they come from broken family with single,  prisoned or step parent, these kids are abandoned at home. When they grow up, they tend to end up in gangsterism, jobless and become social parasites.

Campbell doesn’t give up despite various setbacks, Reading Room gradually becomes a place not only for reading, but learning to read, receiving attention and love. Campbell even got a special gift from the kids he helped at the end.

“Probably my wife had figured out what I need after her departure. A family indeed.” Is that the reason she asked Campbell to set up a reading room in the mid town? Campbell is just kidding, more care, less hate, this is her wife’s quote.

When you give, you receive more. Campbell gets a family in return of his noble act. A family of inspired souls.

Free Ebooks At E-Library

•24 September 2008 • 1 Comment

Internet is really a goldmine to information diggers. Today I found a great resource of free ebooks ranging from business, children, classic, computer, consumer, crime, ebook marketing, history, hobbies, home business, household, humor……to recipes…and tv info. There’re all together more than 1000 pieces!

Although most of the ebooks are a bit outdated but there’re still some time-proof information which worth our reading and digesting. Topics like helping your child get healthy and fit, sensible diet tips, how to make candles and soaps, raising exotic animals, tips on saving gas etc. are evergreen, right?

So, grab what you like from this information goldmine at your leisure. Yes, they are all free.

Follow this steps:

1. Click the link below. – eLibrary Directory of most eBooks, sold in the Internet.
Electronical Books in PDF.

2. Go to ‘Free’ section. Visit ‘Download Ebooks For Free’.

3. Copy the html code and paste on your website or blog. (Like what I’m doing now.)

3. Enter your url on the form provided. You’d be brought to the list of free ebooks.

4. Download whichever ebook you like.

4. Happy reading! 🙂

(Ya, make sure you have PDF Reader installed on your desktop as the ebooks are compiled in PDF format.)

Chris, I’ve Found The Best Online Chinese Course For You.

•1 September 2008 • 2 Comments

Interested to learn Chinese? The character is actually a combination of four chinese characters which mean bringing wealth into our home.

This character looks complicated but it becomes simple when it’s broken up. Just like a big task given to us, when we first get it, we’d be shocked and think that it’s not doable. But, once we break it up and do it part by part, it always get done eventually.

Chinese history is 5000 years long. Chinese characters’re  evolved from ancient drawings on the rock and bamboos.

In China, there’re too many dialects spoken by different groups of Chinese but the national language of China is Mandarin. So, when we say we want to learn Chinese conversation, we’re learning Mandarin.

Learning Chinese has become possible without a Chinese teacher sitting besides you today. Ya, there’re a few Chinese language courses available online. When I was searching for an online Chinese course to help my net pal Chris from Canada in learning Chinese, I’ve come across a free 6-day online Chinese email course which I think it’s a good start up resource for him. After that, if he finds that he really likes it, he can always subscribe for the complete course. Of course, the complete one is not free :p 

Chris was so excited about it when I told him.

Hey Chris, you better don’t waste my effort, please make sure you pick up the language soonest.

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Petrol Price Hike, 7 Passive Steps To Save Petrol

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Due to recent petrol price hike, we have cut down our road tour budget.

  • We used to have lunch outside, now we prefer to bring lunch box prepared at home.
  • Weekend outing is changed to monthly adventure. We don’t go to eat laksa at Balik Pulau (famous laksa in Penang) but happy with local laksa stall though it’s less spicy and less fish.
  • When I feel down and like to release my tension with a speed drive on the road, I would think twice and switch to petrol-free-hobby like listening to the music in my room.
  • Car pool, yes car pool with colleagues to the workplace. Luckily I don’t have to do this as my workplace is only 5 minute drive from my house, he he…
  • When we’re hungry for supper and like to buy a meal at hawker center nearby, think about the pitfall of supper, you want to be fit or fatty?
  • Year end round contry road trip? Oh no, either looking for more friends to join or forget about the idea!
  • Travelling cost is also increased tremendously as air place consumes petrol too. Yearly overseas trip? Dreaming for a hike in year end bonus or else, travel once every 2 years instead, ikhhhhh!

I heard Japanese is going to invent vehicles running on water, wow, hope the day would come very soon!!!

No more petrol, yes!!! Whoever comes up with the invention first would definately be our HERO!

Amazing Chinese Paper Cutting Arts

•18 May 2008 • 2 Comments

I remember when I was small, I used to do paper cutting at my grandmom’s house. It’s my aunt hobby to cut down every cute figurines and paste them on a scrapbook. The little me just helped, oops no, 🙂 I would say played around, with the cut pieces and messed up the table eventually. 🙂

When Chinese New Year approaching, I saw people pasting the red paper cuttings on the wall. They were finely cut, animal, flowers and Chinese characters symbolizing luck and prosperity were the subjects of the traditional art works.

Nowadays, we could still see the work but only on the exhibition. I was truly amazed when I hit upon this video on Youtube. It seems that the arts are developing well in China and Japan. They even injects animation feature into the arts.

You see, how cute the boy and the buffalo are! They must be enjoying on the road in the flute music!

Sharing with you more Chinese paper cutting  pictures. Hope the world would know more about this wonderful folk arts from China:


Design Idea For My Parents’ House Wall

•12 May 2008 • 6 Comments

Wall Design For Living Room

After painting my room’s wall, my mind just couldn’t rest thinking of applying my new found skill, 😀 Then the old wall of my parent’s house living popped up onto my mind. Hey, why not giving a ‘face lift’ to it?

There’re many wall designs available on the net but I can’t resist to go back to ‘steal’ the idea of the Singapore wall design company. Their design are simply amazing! Only that I’m too far away from Singapore or I’d consider buying their ready made wall paper to put onto the wall.

But it’s ok, after trying to paint my room’s wall, I just fell in love doing this stuff and now my hands are always ‘itchy’ to find new piece of wall to  experiment, hehe…

Check my comment to Nila for some tips on wall design.

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