Besides Seeing The World……

An Australian young couple cycled over poor countries like Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia to do charity works for almost a year. They are barely 22 and 23 years old. They stopped by at a few orphanages along their way to help up the poor kids and the homes.

The children like to listen to the girl’s stories and the guy would help to fix the pipes, bulbs or to clean the homes. They donated some funds to the needy too. Not only cycling, they need to board a bus or train at very remote or sloppy parts but cycling is the cheapest way and there were lots of fun along the way, according to the couple

They felt so happy and rewarding when they received ‘thank you’ cards with pictures drawn by the kids. They had just finished their venture and reaching the house of the girl’s aunty at Bukit Tengah, the small town I was born and raised up.

It was an inspiring and touching story indeed. I told myself I would travel around the world but what’s the purpose of traveling? Plainly to see the planet we live? But then, after traveling to a few places, I could feel that there is something lacking of.

Yes, traveling is merely a process of learning and understanding the world by our own senses. If we could do something more like what the couple did, that is to give or to contribute, in a small way though while we are visiting certain parts of the world, I believe we could make a trip more meaningful and lives more joyful.


~ by Carrey on 18 March 2007.

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