Symbiosis Technique With Unusual Boss

These days I’m quite free.

Boss seems to be cooling down after being so emo for the past few days. Anyway, I’m not sure when the volcano will explode again. Working with him is damn torturing emotionally.

I have come out with a few dos and dons to work with him:

a) Do not reply his non-work related mail, especially his complaint about his illness, his tension etc. Reply only VERBALLY on work related matters.

b) Do not argue with him but just to answer or to explain to him my situation BRIEFLY.

c) When he doesn’t give clear instruction as he uses to, do not get mad and question him through email or phone. See him face to face in his office and ask him exactly what he expects. The more bizarre his order is, the more I need to listen to him face to face.

d) Always be cool……and polite. He’s my superior any how. Show him the respect he thirsts for though he might not deserve it at times, hehe…

e) Try to handle difficult situation with a sense of humour.

I really hate conflict. I don’t expect my boss to be a friend but at least there’s no fight between us.


~ by Carrey on 18 March 2007.

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