Tiger Wood Loves Golf

Dealing in business is not as easy as I thought.

I’ve always wanted to start my own business after reading about stories of successful people in business. I know it’s not easy but I’ve never really felt it til I wet my own head.

Adam Khoo, a well-known young entrepreneur and CEO of Wealth Academy Singapore says in his book, Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires that you ought to love what you do.

Only with in depth love on what we do we would excel and  taste the fruit of success and wealth, just like Michael Jordan loves basketball, Tiger Wood loves golf, Steven Spielberg loves making movies, Donald Trump loves doing deals etc.

If not because of strong love of special effects and film making, George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars would have given up on his amazing work after facing countless obstacles.

First deal of iDeal Studio is not succeeded due to improper planning and lacking of experience. However, we learned something from the failure. I was quite frustrated indeed when I first read the comment and denial of the client but I’ve learnt to be cool and nice in replying her email and I’ve come up with  detailed terms and condition for our future deal.

It’s just an initial challenge and I know we should get through it and prepare to face  greater challenges. No pain no gain, really.

With the love in what we do, I know we will close a deal real soon and more deals in future.


~ by Carrey on 6 June 2007.

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