Bali’s Charm


Just come back from Bali. Bali is charming. If you were to ask me which part of Bali that I like most, I would say the simple yet delicate Balinese life.

95% of them are Hindu. Yes, Bali Hindu is different from the Tamil Hindu we used to see in the country. They contribute 40% of their income for prayers. The Balinese women woke up 5am every morning to prepare their offerings to God. 

I’m amazed with Bali artistic features. We can see stone carved statues everywhere. Be it figurine of Hindu Goddess, Buddha, cat (ya, they like cats), lizard, Barong (the sacred symbol which is known to chase away evils), Garuda(the transport animal of  preserving God) or a baby, hehe!

Every roundabout is guided by a statue, it’s said that there are seen and unseen things that help to keep peace and safe. Besides policemen, they build up the goddess statue to safeguard their people on the traffic, interesting ya?!


Ubud is the center of arts in Bali. Every building  is so unique, there is no duplicate of design. I especially like the design of shops selling ‘silver and gold’.

Here they are…..two of them. So nice ya?!


~ by Carrey on 30 June 2007.

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