Dream Cafe

I’ve a dream.

My mom had always talked about selling poh piah, ice kacang, laksa, nasi lemak, coffee etc. She used to say she could cook the same as what she ate at some cafe or restaurants. I trust that. And, if she were to open a shop, the business is good for sure.

Then I bought 2 small shoplots, thinking that I would realize her dream one day.

And 2 years passed, the shoplots are still emptied. Mom doesn’t show her eagerness after the purchase it seems. Probably she thinks she’s too old to operate a cafe.

Anyhow, her dream has become my dream. The picture is getting more luscious and vivid in my mind. I see my mom and dad  chatting with their neighbours and friends after meal. I see myself surfing with my laptop doing internet business in the shop, a maid is busy cleaning up the tables…..

It’s so peaceful, the flow of customer is slow but steady, I’m working within my own shop and mom and dad are having their spare time filled, no more worries.

So, I wish my dream of selling nasi lemak will come true soon.

“You really wanna sell nasi lemak?”

” Ya, who cares.”


~ by Carrey on 13 July 2007.

2 Responses to “Dream Cafe”

  1. Great u came back again. I believed u have read my blog on “We all have it”. It is very encouraging and tell us to hang on our dreams. At times, we scared of unknown, failure or risk to start a business. Everyone does goes through this initial stages. Firstly, let me point out:
    1)your mom’s cooking is good if not better than the above average.
    2)U have a shop to start.
    3)U never try u never know.
    Sell the best nasi lemak in BM.
    I care.

  2. Thanks. If I succeed, will treat you extra size nasi lemak, n exra spicy one, hehe!

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