Appraisal Time

It’s appraisal time.

I’m asked to appraise my subordinate’s performance again but this year I need to do it twice a year only instead of 4 times. What a release as this task is really daunting and killing millions of my brain cells! 

I checked that performance appraisal dates from the time of Second World War, about 60 years old. But in the broader sense,  under historical scale, it might well lay claim to being the world second oldest profession.

But after so long, is a fair and accurate appraisal achievable?  I don’t know but I’m sure it isn’t in my company and my department especially.

People tend to judge. My boss told me that I tend to give higher than ‘actual’ marks to my subordinate. The funny thing is the other supervisor of my department always gives lower than ‘actual’ marks. So there’s conflict!

Am I too good to my staff? My boss insisted to reduce her disciplinary mark during the second last appraisal and we argued for 3 days, ya, 3 days! Ok, he won and  managed to cut 2 marks out of 100.

I gave the mark he liked for the last appraisal as I thought it was a waste of time, too tired for the 2 marks fight! But then we were told that our bonus was justified according to the appraisal. Previously it was not. Oh gosh! I regretted I didn’t fight my best.

From my survey, ya we do survey our colleague’s appraisal, there’s no P&C in the office in fact, the appraisal given by our company’s senior manager or manager from the other department are generally higher.

So, you see the problem.

Obviously our company’s appraisal system is not carefully and properly structured.  The outcome could be  a waste of time, uneasiness of staff being appraised, irritation to superior who was blamed to be judgemental (like me), depletion of staff motivation, ethical and legal problems in the workplace etc.

I agree that appraisal should be linked to wage justification. But boss, please carefully structure the system. Give me the guidelines,   how do we appraise proactiveness, leadership, creativity…..of a staff?   Who should appraise who? I don’t want to get in the mess!


~ by Carrey on 19 July 2007.

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