Free Money

I received this call yesterday.

“Hello, I’m calling from Hxxx bank. Congratulation! You have been selected to be one of our lucky customer to receive free money from our bank.”

“Oh? What free money?”

“You never heard of it? On behalf of our bank, I’d give you RM6,500 free money to spend.”

I know there’s no free lunch in the world much less to say free money. I straight away answered her then, “No, thanks.”

Who knows, she was so shocked and yelled at me, “What? I give you money, you don’t want ar?” I thought it was a courtesy call.

“I don’t need it, why should I take it? ” Unless it’s really free lah.

“Ok lah! Tooo…..” I think this girl needs extensive telesales training.


~ by Carrey on 20 July 2007.

2 Responses to “Free Money”

  1. I think the world’s local bank needs to reconsider their choice of outsource telemarketing company.

  2. Ya, they downgrade the standard of ‘local’.

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