Yesterday it was heavy rain throughout the afternoon and evening. After shopping, I just lazed on the sofa and fell asleep. When I woke up, I started to feel headache. The more I rest the more throbbing it was.

I remember when I took leave without purpose,  I used to get sick and  forced to stay at home. Sigh…perhaps I was destined to work hard or fall sick. I just couldn’t wallop snake (吃蛇, in cantonese) or steal  bone (curi tulang, in malay), meaning trying to be lazy.

Luckily, one more option is available for me, pay to enjoy, i.e. travelling. Just that I need to work real hard to fatten my  pocket before I depart. 

It’s better than getting headache like yesterday anyway.


~ by Carrey on 23 July 2007.

2 Responses to “Headache”

  1. Maybe everybody get their own headache once a while. Is there something bothering or some unsolved issue dangling in your mind? Lately, Shrek also going through some irritation in life and is bugging my mind on and off. I think we resolved whatever rubbish in our mind than only peace will settled down in our mind and heart. Everyday, someone in this world will upset our mind one way or another. It is a fact but how we overcome is a challenge. One way is to chat out your heart with Shrek and I think i need this too. Don’t have the mood to complete Adam & Eve part 2 and left there hanging in Draft. My mind is muddy too.

  2. Hmm…the headache just happened without any signal. Yesterday’s was the most painful one since my college day. The problem is I don’t take pain killer. Probably you’re right, my head is full of rubbish. Need massive spring cleaning.

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