Mental Rubbish-I

We tend to dump rubbish into our minds everyday in various forms. They include:

1) Skeptical Issues

Why did our boss stay til 9pm in the office? There’s no special case needs him to work out so late. We doubt his painstaking effort. Hmm…he must be doing something else.

This is skeptical. We tend to think negatively on people’s act. And, this is other’s business, not ours. As long as it doesn’t harm us or the world, why bother?  If our boss shows his concern to us, do you know what would we think?

2) Unnecessary Worries.

A mother sends her kids to school everyday. It’s a common act nowadays but this mom does more. She was there to bring lunch boxes to her kids during recess. She worries that the school canteen doesn’t sell healthy food.

The school canteen’s food might not be healthy enough but I presume it’s hygienic and fulfil the basic prerequisite of children’s nutrition. Kids need to be independent and equipped with fundamental living skill. Let them learn to treat their own stomach. There are too much worries around us, get rid of the unnecessary one please.


~ by Carrey on 24 July 2007.

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