Mental Rubbish II

3)  Evillish Jeolousy

Lin’s neighbour Jane bought a brand new  Camry. She envied Jane and grumbled at her hubby day and night to get a new Accord. Her hub got really fad up and rather worked late than going home early.

Isn’t it ridiculous? Jealousy is evil. It might root from a small matter like Lin’s problem but possibly ends up miserably with a blow like divorcy. There’s no war if  everyone is happy with what he/she owns.  It applies to the world leaders in a bigger scale.

4)  Absurd Fantasy

He is married with a beautiful wife and 2 kids. After 7 years of marriage, he falls for a sexy woman anyhow. This woman is not single neither. He is so obsessed with the new rendezvous that he forgets about his responsiblity as a husband and a dad.

This guy must have thought that he  would indulge in the loves of 2 women for the rest of his life. It’s merely fantasy! Paper could never wrap fire. Even though he’s so lucky, do you think he would live life peacefully with non-stop brain plough for tonnes of excuses, lies and tricks?


~ by Carrey on 26 July 2007.

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