Mental Rubbish III

5) Hatred

David was a happy go lucky guy. He had never thought that his girl friend would betray him one day. He hated her and condemned her even she asked for his pardon. They parted at the end. Since then, David has got to live with alcohol, cigarattes and drugs.

Out of all the mental rubbish, I would grade hatred feeling as the most dangerous one. Along the life path, we couldn’t expect it to be smooth without bump, close friend might lie to us, boss might criticize us, colleague might hit us from the back, lover might betray us…We get irritated and hatred arises. Are we going to keep it for the rest of life? By doing so, it’s actually punish ourselves with others fault. Not worth it. We would never be happy. Follow what Mother Teresa said, be forgiving. Hate is the opposite of love. The real poverty is being unwanted, uncared for and unloved. Love is reciprocal so as hatred.  Unload the feeling of hate from your heart and you would feel much lighter and peaceful.

There’re plenty more of mental rubbish. If we manage to  discard 5 categories of it as mentioned, I think it would be good enough lah!


~ by Carrey on 31 July 2007.

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