Negarakuku Raps My Office

Received an email of a music video made by Namewee (黄明志), a 24-year-old Malaysian Chinese rapper from Muar, now living in Taiwan. Namewee is a music enthusiast, he has created 300+ songs since he was 15. 16 days ago, he posted a music video of his latest song namely Negarakuku on Youtube and published it on his personal blog. In 2 days time, it stormed the cyberworld with a record of more than 10,000  hits and thousands of yongsters have crowned him as ‘hero’. What’s so special about it? Click the video (with English translantion) .

Hah! Namewee is bold enough to sing out his heart  through modified ‘Negaraku’ (Malaysian National Anthem) in rap version.  I don’t have to translate it as laocai99 has done that.  I don’t have to interprete it too as most Malaysians undertand his message.

Namewee claimed that his intention was purely to promote Malaysia as her birthday(5oth, Malaysia is soon to reach its middle age, should be matured enough.)  is approaching. “I  wanna show my patriotism through my music although I’m overseas.” He wrote in his blog. “The more we love, the harder we  criticize. I love my country more as I know how hard it is to live overseas.”

Namewee’s rap is simply marvellous and gripping, my office girls couldn’t resist to play ‘Negarakuku’ again and again during recess. They even hunted for the rest of his songs posted on Youtube, such as One Night Stand, Pity Fella (可怜的小弟) and Muar Chinese (麻玻的华语).

The scenes appear on his video were partially taken from Malaysia’s tourism promotional video in Taiwan and the song was claimed to be copied from the National Anthem.  Apparently, his act might infringe on the intellectual property of ‘somebody’ and even the  l.a.w. of the country.

And, yes, the Deputy Minister, Ministry of Arts, Culture & Heritage, Datuk Wong KH had warned him on the Oriental Daily News. Negaraku is the National Anthem. National Anthem represents a country.Wong said it was wrong to distort the song and used it to reflect the desultoriness and corruptive act of civil servants in the country. “It has stained the good name of the country, he doesn’t even hide his face and name,  we will take legal action, if he’s found guilty, we will put him into jail.” Oh gosh!

In the song, Namewee mentioned about independent school leavers in the country. He is one of them. Our country is dearly enough to allow the establishment of the school system. I’m not independent school leaver but I understand the school system well as my secondary school has her sister school which adopts the system. My brother was one of the school student too. I remember that independent school student used to dominate the winner list of International Olympic Mathematic Contest. Their school syllabus standard is simply excellent and their school living certificate UEC is recognised by 500+ universities worldwide, including  the prestigious National University Of Singapore (NUS)  but not any of Malaysian Public Universities. (Why?)  Just like what the song sings, the school leavers can just throw their cert. into longkang (ditch) after leaving school if they intend to further their study locally in the public universities. So you can imagine how frustrated they are.

I think independent school leavers like Namewee are very much like the adulterines of the country. The big daddy gave birth to them (no abortion)  but left them to survive on their own. They are growing strong however as they have been ‘trained’ to be independent (weaned off breast-feeding early in life lah) since they were born. They can be found anywhere in the world as high achievers in various fields. How nice it is if these talents could be absorbed and let blossom in the arm of their own country?

 So, why is the big daddy trying to punish his own kid? Instead of getting irritated and giving Namewee a big slap with ISA or whatever law, why not contemplating on what has gone wrong and rectify it? He’s just the tip of the iceberg of restless adulterines who simply opt to keep quiet.

There must be a reason behind a cause, especially a loud and vivid one and if it’s truth, it could never be covered. Taiwanese TV and paper has just had an exclusive interview with Namewee yesterday. Namewee, good luck to you.


~ by Carrey on 1 August 2007.

3 Responses to “Negarakuku Raps My Office”

  1. This video clip is much better than the one u sent me. But the lyrics move too fast – cant catch the words.U know so much abt this joker to write a long message. Anyway, his presentation is good and your writing too. Keep it up. I m watching and dont give up. I have put yours in my blog. Cheers

  2. Thanks. You may click the pause button to read the words and resume by clicking play button.

  3. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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