Breathless Love

Mom, I didn’t intend to annoy you. I was just trying to cut down my rice intake.

Since I brought lunch box prepared by mom to office, I’ve got to take 3 meals with rice each day. I could feel my skirt  getting tighter and headache hits me on and off. I’ve just changed my uniform. It’s new, it’s supposed to be loose and comfortably fit.

So mom, please cook less. No more 1 1/2 cups of rice, though it’s coarse rice, it’s healthy but afterall it’s starchy, it would turn into fat as my body doesn’t need that much.

I know you love me and want me to get full all days but love in abundance could only drown me. I would still eat your love meal just that in smaller portion. I’ve never wasted your food. 

So mom, please understand and don’t hurt me with your tears.


~ by Carrey on 2 August 2007.

2 Responses to “Breathless Love”

  1. U should be grateful to ur mom 4 taking the effort to cook a homecook meal. Appreciate her. U didnt know guys like me in KL yearning for homecook food like mad. Eating outside is torture sometimes with so much MSG. Didnt see my hair dropping like snow ah. Why not eat more veges? It helps on your waistline and healthy too. If u can, just vege – i assured u it is magic and your fair complexion will be like snow white.

  2. I’m always grateful to my mom just that I need to control my diet, can’t simply wallop all the foods. Hehe..this morning she just prepared vege without rice as breakfast for me, thank God, she got my message.

    Thanks for your advice.

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