Suffocating Time Piece

World Clock With Birth Rate & Death TollWorld Clock With Birth Rate & Death Toll                                                World Clock With Birth Rate & Death Toll

           Take a deep breath before you click the time piece as above.

My heartbeat accelerates with every tick tack of the clock. The death toll increase non-stop and abortion contributes to an unbelievable extends. Just can’t imagine a fetus is killed every now and then.

Diseases of the century then.

Heart/Cardiovascular diseases, cancer followed by STD/HIV/AIDS……

Ouch! HIV infection is so rampant. Use condomn please.

Then the rise of the earth temperature. Global warming happens indeed.

Oil is produced in such a speed, what would happen in the next 10 years? Oil depletes, price rise, inflation, recession…all the negative images’re popping up on my mind. How to avoid it?

Perhaps we should cycle to work intstead of driving a car. Luckily,  bicycles are still being manufactured, that’s probably the only good sign shown on the clock.

Hoooo……the clock is indeed amazing but suffocating.


~ by Carrey on 3 August 2007.

5 Responses to “Suffocating Time Piece”

  1. Yeah that is one awesome clock. Nice blog. 😛

    love smiley

  2. this will get yr blog stat moving. remember blog is information ppl want to know. by the way the clock is too small – cant see the column below. do u want yr readers to use magnifying glass to read. why not link the page with a photo. My eyes power is 600 dont make it increase to 900.

  3. Smilingchaos,
    thanks for visiting. Ya, I was shocked by the clock.

    Didn’t know Shrek was shortsighted, why never wear glasses? You can click on the picture to see the big clock actually, it’s moving and ‘killing’!

  4. Carrey & Shrekmate

    It is actually replaicng every death with two lives. 2births about for every one death

  5. Ya love smiley, if without high abortion rate, the population growth would be much higher.

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