He’s Not Only Handsome

                                                       Raja Nazrin

The Raja Muda (crown prince) Of Perak, Raja Nazrin Shah has got the natural charm. When I first knew about him, his hair was still dark and shiny. “Wow…this guy looks great!” I told my mom when he caught my eyes on the tv set a couple of years ago. Later on, I learned that he’s Oxford and Harvard educated. Apparently, he’s brainy besides looking good……How I wished my future hubby could be as charming as him at that time!

                                                   Raja Nazrin’s Marriage


Raja Nazrin remained as one of the country’s most eligible bachelor til the age of 50. He married Zara Salim Davidson, a chemical engineer who is also a member of the Kedah royal house finally. Aiya (sigh)…my dream shattered into pieces when I heard about it, haha…

Raja Nazrin’s  speech on the first Malaysian Student Leaders Summit yesterday touches my heart.

“50 years of the national relay race has been run and we have covered a good distance  and achieved much. However every coin has two sides. Let us not be naive in thinking it is all a rosy picture. There’s still much room for improvement.” (NST)

He stressed that in recent years, ethnic identities appeared to have become more explicit.  “What divides us has become more emphasized than what unites us.” He has  repeatedly  spoken out against racism in Malaysia, being  a member of the royal family.

Those leaders who try to resort to ethnic or religious posturing to further their political careers at the expense of peace and security were criticized.

“If our leaders fail, they should be held accoutable and made answerable before the law. Malaysia needs a future generation of leaders with unquestionable integrity.”

Undoubtedly, Raja Nazrin is the role model of Malay elite group.  Malaysia is a multiracial country with cultural diversity. He emphasized that this was meant to be our unique asset. “The Federal Constitution and the Rukun Negara institutionalised living together in peaceful, harmonious and co-existence.”

Our nation is 50 years old, ya, same age as Raja Nazrin ya, he was a Merdeka baby it seems. Should we step backward with the support of incompetent leaders or move forward by cleverly screening and filtering out those leaders with poor integrity? They’re the culprits of the nation’s development.

Wish their mouths would shut a while after receiving the message of  the kind hearted Raja Muda. 


~ by Carrey on 6 August 2007.

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