“Nolar, After You Got Abducted!”

My colleague Lynn went to pasar malam (night market)  with his hubby yesterday. When they reached the market, she realized that she forgot to bring the shirt that she bought last week which was too tight to fit her.

Lynn’s hubs: Let’s go back and get it.

Lynn: You go get it alone, I wait here.

Lynn’s hubs: Nolar, after you got abducted.

Last sunday, I wanted to pay my card debt in the evening. Similar warning got into my ears.

Me:  Mom, I’m going to C*** bank.

Mom: I follow you.

Me: No need mom, it’s safe, there’re lots of  people  going for makan(dine) around the place.”

Mom: Nolar, now rape cases so common, after you got abducted.

~ A new pet phrase was quietly born in our country as a result of rising abduction, rape and murder’s crime. 


~ by Carrey on 7 August 2007.

3 Responses to ““Nolar, After You Got Abducted!””

  1. I am not quite sure I exactly understand this.

    wait I get it.


    I will remember that


  2. Another type of ‘Malaysia Boleh’ 😛

  3. Love Smiley,

    Oh, nolar simply means no!, the lar is used by locals to strengthen the meaning of word attached to it. Sometimes we say lor, lah, leh…these’re some of Manglish words, Malaysian English eh! 😛


    Haha..thanks for jumping to my site.

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