He Refused To Wear Condom

My colleagues and I were trying to figure out the reasons men refused to wear condom even if they were told by the sex workers that they had HIV or living with HIV as reported by NST on 8 August.

After much head scratching moments, we tried our best to squeeze out 13 reasons as follows:

1. He is a HIV carrier himself.

2. He thought the sex worker was joking.

3. He’s almost reached the sky and losing rational thinking.

4. He’s so in love with the sex worker that he’s willing to sacrifice for 100% intimacy.

5. He likes to challenge his ‘luck’. “It couldn’t be my turn. ”

6. He has been abstinence from sex for decades.

7. He’s an old man, old enough to die for sexual fun.

8. He’s ignorant of HIV or AIDS transmission.

9. He’s a desperado preparing to go to hell.

10. He’s a stingy poker and so calculative on every penny paid to the extend of risking his life.

11. “Life has no meaning……” He prepares to commit suicide.

12. He’s a dumb.

and what else?

13. His penis is allergic to plastic? (It’s ridiculous enough, we know)

Any more reasons could you figure out?


~ by Carrey on 13 August 2007.

4 Responses to “He Refused To Wear Condom”

  1. He can’t find his size, too tiny…. hehehe

  2. Or the oppositie huh…:p

  3. forgot lah,she was a tad (issit) too fast,or was he ?
    haha maybe its more fun

  4. he is probably dying soon so getting an STD is of no consequence

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