Magical Room


Finally I got my room refurbished and I plan to touch it up with some designs on the wall. Oh! The room in the picture is not mine. I just love the design and perhaps I can have it in my room. It’s wall decal or sticker, to save cost, I paint it myself  (I’m an artist in my own eyes, hehe……)

What I’m headached about is, I don’t want to be a 100% copy cat, so I need to introduce new elements into the design. Brain exercise can be quite torturing you know.

Can somebody just give me a magic stick to blossom up my wall in seconds? 

~Day dream of a lazy girl


~ by Carrey on 18 August 2007.

4 Responses to “Magical Room”

  1. hey that wall is too nice..! (the first one)
    you should put some others like that one to have an example to decorate my room.. no?

  2. Thanks Madleine. Ya, been abandoned this blog for quite long, I guess I need to come back and relaunch it with more wall design postings!

  3. yea.. i love ur blog.. i was also searching for designs to paint my bedroom.!

  4. hey i would really like to know where i can buy the wall decor of this. its too cute.

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