How Many Men Can A Woman Loves

There’s always a  first love. If you’re lucky  enough, he would be your last.

Second is not bad, however.  Life is once. You got the chance to try two. You learn more, you try to console yourself.

Then it comes the third one. You’re getting tired. You hope the race would end. What you want is simply a true love.

Oops, you fall again. You don’t mind if there’s 4th, 5th, 6th……love becomes bizarre, sex’s getting interesting. You simply enjoy what you’re offered.

Life is short oh life is really short.

You’ve used up your sex credit. You switch back to love card but you’ve had less than enough to clear your debt.

Unless, the last love (he may not be the true love though) is willing to give and you just need to collect.

How many men can a woman loves?

3 I supposed and 4 if she’s damn lucky.


~ by Carrey on 27 August 2007.

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