Golden Promise

A man was ordered by the High Court in Ipoh to pay at least RM70,000 for breaking a promise to marry a woman. The Star

“Wow, like that also can?” Haha… office mates (only gals), including myself were hilarious about the news.

The proportion of the sum:

RM50,000 – Breaching the marriage promise.

RM20,000- Reputation loss, mental anguish, costs.

RM2,000- Assault (being slapped once) compensation.

A promise is golden ya.

Guys, never promise girls a marriage simply if you’re not prepared. Malaysian women know how worthy it is now, they would ask you to write down your promise, black and white or record in their handsets for every golden words uttered by you.

Besides that, receipts, the most valuable physical evidences, on every hotel rooms stayed for intimate encounter would be kept and additional notes would be made if more details are needed for relationship security purposes.

We salute the lady’s courage in bringing her stories into the court and the media eventually. It serves a good example of malaysian woman in exerting her rights.

Just that, it seems unusual for a woman to keep records for love-making moments. By the way, how the court measures love of a woman?

There’s only one single explanation on her act if she really loves the man:

She’s a legal clerk, she knows law and as she works in the law firm, the witness of countless cases of relationship blow has prompted her to take the precautious act.

Men’s hearts are unpredictable or unmeasurable as women’s indeed! So, loss of love? Grab the money at least lah!


~ by Carrey on 28 August 2007.

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