Liar’s Quotes

It seems that there are 2 major territories in man’s brain, real and fake, only that the proportion varies from one man to another. And, the married one tends to have bigger fake territory.

Why married men tend to lie?

“I’m lonely.”

“I’m about to divorce my wife.”

“My marriage is not happy.”

“I would lose you if I don’t lie.”

“I was in the verge of divorcy when I first knew you.”

“You won’t talk to me if I don’t.”

“My wife couldn’t give me love……”

“You won’t kiss me if I don’t.”

“I need love.”

“I need someone close to talk to.”

“What’s the difference if I tell you the truth?”

The last reason is the most ridiculous. If there’s no difference, why bother to lie?

And, the fact is some of the reasons could be lies.


~ by Carrey on 12 September 2007.

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