Why Wearing Condom?

AVERT - AIDS charity

I wrote about guys who refuse to wear condom. The response seems very good. There’re unknown visitors clicking on the post on and off. Now I’m gonna throw a question about this rubber thingy on the opposite side.

Why does man wear condom?

I did a survery and collected a few answers:

*I don’t want her to get pregnant.

*I don’t want her to bear my child.

*I’m not ready to be a dad.

*I just wanna have fun, no string, so better not to mess up.

and, finally I got this answer:

*I don’t want to get AIDS.

Luckily there are men aware of the century’s most alarming disease. Just that this is not the main reason for them to put on the cap.

The ‘rain coat’ in men’s mind could simply mean to protect them from the responsiblity of bearing a child, the nightmare of ‘breaking news’ in his affair, the spoilage of his reputation etc.

If his partner is on birth control, they would probably enjoy the intimate moments in total baby suit.

“Ya…more feel wat!”

Not worried about AIDS/HIV?

“I’m not so ‘lucky’ …”

Men could be so bold in confronting death? Why not, they even waited at Ferringi’s beach to welcome Tsunami.


~ by Carrey on 18 October 2007.

2 Responses to “Why Wearing Condom?”

  1. No glove, no love baby. My mantra, at least.

    Anyway, blankanvas has moved. If you could change the address on your blogroll, that would be fantastic. Let me know what you think of my newly launched blog.

  2. Hehe…you’re right.

    Will check out your new blog. I’m working out one too.

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