WordPress, FTP, Web Hosting, I’m Stucked Upon Them!

It’s been quite some times I never post here. Actually I’m working out a new customized WP blog. Lots of trials and errors.

1. Paid for a web hosting package but the transaction was declined. Checked with my credit card center, my goodness, the payment had actually issued.

2. Web host with big name is not really reliable it seems. Study, study, study……tried to dig out the so called ‘Best Web Host.’ The fact is nothing is best in this world. We can only look for a better one.

3. Ok. Get a domain name

4. Got a web host with Fantastico. It’s really fantastic, WP was up in less than a minute. A technical dummy like myself needs this.

5. I like beautiful stuff. WP default theme is not meant for me. Sourced for a pinkish, lovely and widget ready one. Almost fainted when I checked the directory. Tonnes of them. Too many choices could be daunting.

6. Ok, just choose one, not perfect but not bad at all. Downloaded it to my pc but then how to upload it to my site?

7. ‘Using FTP‘. It’s a free program. First of all, I need to connect to my host. Host, user, password, port, I filled in the blanks but why error, error and error……? I’m not sure about the host name and etc.

I’m just in the beginning of the journey, there’re already so many blocks to be kicked away. So when people says it’s easy to own a blog or a website, they must be bullshitting! We need to pay for what we have. Don’t worry, I’ll not give up but now……



~ by Carrey on 28 November 2007.

4 Responses to “WordPress, FTP, Web Hosting, I’m Stucked Upon Them!”

  1. You are doing it the right way, i did it the same on my website http://www.ncahost.net check it out if you have time, i have modified it abit as well!

  2. Hey. Can you like help me with my site? I’m having a problem with FTP and I can’t transfer the theme I downloaded. I’m just a newbie in this. Please. 🙂

  3. Hi Ice,

    I’ve replied you, check your mail box. Nice day, 🙂

  4. Gotta same issue with me.
    i am not able to find exact host name along with host address.

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