Design Idea For My Parents’ House Wall

Wall Design For Living Room

After painting my room’s wall, my mind just couldn’t rest thinking of applying my new found skill, 😀 Then the old wall of my parent’s house living popped up onto my mind. Hey, why not giving a ‘face lift’ to it?

There’re many wall designs available on the net but I can’t resist to go back to ‘steal’ the idea of the Singapore wall design company. Their design are simply amazing! Only that I’m too far away from Singapore or I’d consider buying their ready made wall paper to put onto the wall.

But it’s ok, after trying to paint my room’s wall, I just fell in love doing this stuff and now my hands are always ‘itchy’ to find new piece of wall to  experiment, hehe…

Check my comment to Nila for some tips on wall design.

Update on 5 September 2008:

Many visitors have come to my blog because of wall design stuff. It’s great! Somehow I should share with you guys more of interior design stuff in future. Before that, you can actually check out some good interior design books on shelf or online for ideas and inspiration.


~ by Carrey on 12 May 2008.

6 Responses to “Design Idea For My Parents’ House Wall”

  1. hey, i came by your site randomly but LOVE the wallpaper you used for your parents wall. I was wondering what the name of the singapore company is – or their website???

    if you could let me know that’d be great!


  2. I was looking for wall ideas an came to your site I was wondering how you did this? Free hand? is the wall smooth or textured? I have textured walls so I am having a bit of difficlty figuring out what to do. We just bought the house and I have every wall to do. It’s hard to know whair to start.

  3. Hi Nila,

    My parents’ wall is smooth. For texture wall, you can still paint it, ya by free hand. Else, you can draw out the picture onto a piece of paper, cut out and then only trace it onto the wall. Get the suitable design first.

    If you could smoothen the wall, you may send your design in jpeg format to the digital print shop. They would print out the sticker according to your required size and you can stick onto your wall nicely. Alternatively, you may make different wall stampings to design the walls. The effect is better than using wall paper, this method is cheaper too.

    Texture wall has its own advantage, it creates better artistic effect if you can paint on it. You may copy, trace and paint 🙂 it works wonder!

    Try to do one wall at a time. Don’t rush in decorating job, please keep in mind.

    When I first decorated my house, I did lots of research on this wall design DIY stuff. One good resource I could share with you is Michael Holland’s Home Decorating Made Easy.

    There’re plenty of illustrations with photos and step-by-step guide inside. You should be able to understand and apply it accordingly.

    I hope this answer your question.

    When your wall designs are completed, don’t forget to share with us here!

  4. […] I’ve got my parents house wall designed too. Check it out. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Design Idea For My Parents’ House […]

  5. Dear Carrey,

    I like very much the wall design of the black flower of the bedroom. to be honest with you, i saw a booth at Milano furniture fair this year with similar design, it is really elegant.
    Since i bought a new house, iam intending to draw the same on one wall in the formal living room. However, my problem is that i dont know which sizes i have to follow, i have a wall of around 2.80 height & 4.75 length, i need to display a sofa of 2 or 3 seaters so i have to start the design on the left side of the sofa with few on the upper level on the sofa.
    If you can give me the dimensions of the flowers or the design, i would be really grateful.

    Thank you.

    Dalia Azar

  6. Dear Dalia,

    Glad you like the design. I took it from a website called Winkplay. They don’t provide the dimension details. I simply approximated and fitted it onto a wall measuring 3.2 x 5.5. You can try to adjust it the same way.

    Hope my answer helps.

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