Petrol Price Hike, 7 Passive Steps To Save Petrol

Due to recent petrol price hike, we have cut down our road tour budget.

  • We used to have lunch outside, now we prefer to bring lunch box prepared at home.
  • Weekend outing is changed to monthly adventure. We don’t go to eat laksa at Balik Pulau (famous laksa in Penang) but happy with local laksa stall though it’s less spicy and less fish.
  • When I feel down and like to release my tension with a speed drive on the road, I would think twice and switch to petrol-free-hobby like listening to the music in my room.
  • Car pool, yes car pool with colleagues to the workplace. Luckily I don’t have to do this as my workplace is only 5 minute drive from my house, he he…
  • When we’re hungry for supper and like to buy a meal at hawker center nearby, think about the pitfall of supper, you want to be fit or fatty?
  • Year end round contry road trip? Oh no, either looking for more friends to join or forget about the idea!
  • Travelling cost is also increased tremendously as air place consumes petrol too. Yearly overseas trip? Dreaming for a hike in year end bonus or else, travel once every 2 years instead, ikhhhhh!

I heard Japanese is going to invent vehicles running on water, wow, hope the day would come very soon!!!

No more petrol, yes!!! Whoever comes up with the invention first would definately be our HERO!


~ by Carrey on 4 August 2008.

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