Chris, I’ve Found The Best Online Chinese Course For You.

Interested to learn Chinese? The character is actually a combination of four chinese characters which mean bringing wealth into our home.

This character looks complicated but it becomes simple when it’s broken up. Just like a big task given to us, when we first get it, we’d be shocked and think that it’s not doable. But, once we break it up and do it part by part, it always get done eventually.

Chinese history is 5000 years long. Chinese characters’re  evolved from ancient drawings on the rock and bamboos.

In China, there’re too many dialects spoken by different groups of Chinese but the national language of China is Mandarin. So, when we say we want to learn Chinese conversation, we’re learning Mandarin.

Learning Chinese has become possible without a Chinese teacher sitting besides you today. Ya, there’re a few Chinese language courses available online. When I was searching for an online Chinese course to help my net pal Chris from Canada in learning Chinese, I’ve come across a free 6-day online Chinese email course which I think it’s a good start up resource for him. After that, if he finds that he really likes it, he can always subscribe for the complete course. Of course, the complete one is not free :p 

Chris was so excited about it when I told him.

Hey Chris, you better don’t waste my effort, please make sure you pick up the language soonest.

Meanwhile, since I’ve searching up and down for the information, I don’t want to waste my effort by sharing only with Chris. I think I should share with you guys too. Who knows you might be interested to learn a foreign language? Who knows Chinese language is your favorite? If you think you’re too old to learn a new language, who knows it’s beneficial to your kid in future? China is now the new economic powerhouse of the world eh!

Just save your time and effort if you happen to be like me, looking for information about online Chinese course, the one I share here is surely the best, hahaha…why am I so confident? Coz I’m a Chinese, I know if their teaching material is gold or rubbish! 😀

Ok, seriously, the site is Rocket Chinese.

After that, if you’d like to practice the language, well, you may email me. I’d give you my MSN ID and we can talk over there. Make sure you greet me in Chinese then, 😀

~ by Carrey on 1 September 2008.

2 Responses to “Chris, I’ve Found The Best Online Chinese Course For You.”

  1. Rocket Chinese may be good, but it is NOT free.

  2. Ya, the whole course is not free but the 6-day course is.
    For my friend Chris who doesn’t know anything about Chinese language, it’s good enough to get the free course. If it’s really good, I think he doesn’t mind to pay for the full course later.

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