About Me


 I’m a 9-5 OL not so busily attached to a private company’s media department. My 5-min- drive-away-from-home office has about 40 staffs and 90% are ladies. As we’re not so busy at work, the  workplace has turned into a platform of universal gossips. It saves my time in reading news as the news would be on air in a very detailed and objective form (covered news from various channels and a summary of them) through the mouths of my colleagues. Sometimes I could get very interesting insights of the news, probably I can share over here.

Life is about dealing with people afterall. We have global warming but relationship cooling nowadays. “Mind your own business, that’s your own fault, who ask you to be busy body! ” Then everyone tries to keep quiet. Then no one would jump like Jack, then we become robot, then we can dump our nerves into the sea ……. we really need more voices.

No need to rant or rave, just whisper in style. The ears are out there.

At Carrey’s Corner, I like to reveal the part of world I explore.  Thank you for dropping by and hopefully my sharing makes your day . 

Last but not least, you may contact me if you have any secret to tell me, hehe! 

Cheers ya…


One Response to “About Me”

  1. Hi Lan Looi. U r pretty that why i dropped in unannounced. Try to peep here and there about this 30 something carefree day dreamer cinderella. Your boss like feminine staffs – any reason? Scared to say too much, if not in no time news travel faster than Yahoo or Google. U ladies r professional in keh poh but please minimise controversial issues and more constructive value topics. Your “about me” improved as to your previous contents. I don’t want to experience a Watergate fiasco here by telling my secrets. Why not in Yahoo Messenger to exchange our heart to heart? My mother said better that way lah. Have nice dreams. Shrek

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