3 March 2008, Vote For Malaysia

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3 March, Sister’s Day and also Malaysia General Election Day in 2008.

Wow, I hope all sisters of Malaysia would go out and vote. Vote for clean government, vote for equal rights, vote for the sake of future generation and yes, vote for beautiful Malaysia!

And, whether it’s time to change or not, just ask our heart. We’d get the answer.

Ohh…I’m extremely excited now, can’t wait to wake up early morning, taken by BN (usually only BN provides transportation as they’re so rich)’s vehicle to the polling station casting my precious vote. Yes! Tomorrow I’d be the boss. 🙂


Candid Camera At Boracay Island

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Boracay Candid Shot

I notice that there’re quite a number of readers brought by search engines to my blog as they look for Boracay’s information.

Here I cheer you guys up with candid pictures of Boracay Beach and Philippines girl! 🙂


Boracay Candid Shot III

Work It Out Or Quit

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I think it’s time for me to come back.

2007 is a confusing year for me. Honestly I’m a girl who’s easily influenced by others. I’m poor in self-expression though I’ve my own thoughts and views. I’m too easy-going and do not stand firm on what I believe.

One should love herself before she expects others love. I do believe in true and eternal love. Any how, I should identify it clearly before I commit. Love is either a yes or no, quite clear cut, this is what I’ve learnt thus far. Do not allow ourselves to wander about the grey area for too long, make our decision,  work it out or quit.

No matter how’s your situation is now, you could make a decision and execute it immediately.

I’m reminding myself actually. From now onwards, I’m going to love myself more.

Happy New Year 2008

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happy 2008

2007 is full of ups and downs.

It’s the nature of life. No matter what, just look forward, move ahead, I keep on telling myself.

As nothing in life is taken for granted.  Every happy notes need to be worked out. Just sing all our hearts out and I’m sure God loves to hear it.

Wish you guys and gals a very happy happy and blessed 2008.

P/S: After all the trials and errors, my new blog is finally established. Feel free to dive into my lippy world at:


Hope you like it. 🙂

WordPress, FTP, Web Hosting, I’m Stucked Upon Them!

•28 November 2007 • 4 Comments

It’s been quite some times I never post here. Actually I’m working out a new customized WP blog. Lots of trials and errors.

1. Paid for a web hosting package but the transaction was declined. Checked with my credit card center, my goodness, the payment had actually issued.

2. Web host with big name is not really reliable it seems. Study, study, study……tried to dig out the so called ‘Best Web Host.’ The fact is nothing is best in this world. We can only look for a better one.

3. Ok. Get a domain name

4. Got a web host with Fantastico. It’s really fantastic, WP was up in less than a minute. A technical dummy like myself needs this.

5. I like beautiful stuff. WP default theme is not meant for me. Sourced for a pinkish, lovely and widget ready one. Almost fainted when I checked the directory. Tonnes of them. Too many choices could be daunting.

6. Ok, just choose one, not perfect but not bad at all. Downloaded it to my pc but then how to upload it to my site?

7. ‘Using FTP‘. It’s a free program. First of all, I need to connect to my host. Host, user, password, port, I filled in the blanks but why error, error and error……? I’m not sure about the host name and etc.

I’m just in the beginning of the journey, there’re already so many blocks to be kicked away. So when people says it’s easy to own a blog or a website, they must be bullshitting! We need to pay for what we have. Don’t worry, I’ll not give up but now……


Why Wearing Condom?

•18 October 2007 • 2 Comments

AVERT - AIDS charity

I wrote about guys who refuse to wear condom. The response seems very good. There’re unknown visitors clicking on the post on and off. Now I’m gonna throw a question about this rubber thingy on the opposite side.

Why does man wear condom? Continue reading ‘Why Wearing Condom?’

Challenges Of Self-Discipline.

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I came across a post self-discipline at the blog of Steve Pavlina.

He listed down several challenges to get us thinking about where we stand right now. It’s important to know where we stand before we try to improve our self discipline. This is what I seriously lacking of. My answers(line of words in gray font) are as follows:

  • Do you shower/bathe every day?
  • Yes. Twice per day eh!
  • Do you get up at the same time every morning? Including weekends?
  • Mmm…8am, wait +~20mins when I was too indulged in my sweet dream. Sunday? No.