Free Ebooks At E-Library

Internet is really a goldmine to information diggers. Today I found a great resource of free ebooks ranging from business, children, classic, computer, consumer, crime, ebook marketing, history, hobbies, home business, household, humor……to recipes…and tv info. There’re all together more than 1000 pieces!

Although most of the ebooks are a bit outdated but there’re still some time-proof information which worth our reading and digesting. Topics like helping your child get healthy and fit, sensible diet tips, how to make candles and soaps, raising exotic animals, tips on saving gas etc. are evergreen, right?

So, grab what you like from this information goldmine at your leisure. Yes, they are all free.

Follow this steps:

1. Click the link below. – eLibrary Directory of most eBooks, sold in the Internet.
Electronical Books in PDF.

2. Go to ‘Free’ section. Visit ‘Download Ebooks For Free’.

3. Copy the html code and paste on your website or blog. (Like what I’m doing now.)

3. Enter your url on the form provided. You’d be brought to the list of free ebooks.

4. Download whichever ebook you like.

4. Happy reading! 🙂

(Ya, make sure you have PDF Reader installed on your desktop as the ebooks are compiled in PDF format.)


~ by Carrey on 24 September 2008.

One Response to “Free Ebooks At E-Library”

  1. Here is another Free ebook resource site :

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