Thank God You’re A Man

Received an interesting ad mail from a colleague this morning. There’re 3 of them, all in flow chart form. These ads are cleverly differentiating man and woman through responses towards a simple question:

“Let’s go for a drink!”

What would you think? 

1. Simply to have a glass beer or what to dress?


2. Or what happen after the drink and how’s the toilet bowl condition at the restaurant?


3. This is a more complicated version. *giggles*


Hahaha……I’m more convinced that I’m a woman now.

I should thank God too for giving me a much more delicate brain than man.

Why does God give man a simple brain? Answer: God knows man doesn’t need it as he  think only with his down under. Arghhhhh….don’t kill me, man!

~ by Carrey on 20 March 2009.

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